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The Largest Privately Held Carrier

Moxtel Inc. is privately-owned telecommunications company that specializes in Voice over IP (VoIP). We are providing our customers with low-cost home and business phone services, unlimited mobile calling and the guaranteed lowest long distance rates with best voice quality.

We aim to bring our customers the absolute best rates, while never compromising on reliability and customer satisfaction.

Retail Subscribers

Moxtel Dialer is our VoIP App that can be used anywhere around the world to make calls at lowest rates.


Small Business

Would you like a flexible phone service that grows with your small business telephone system? Moxtel inc. offers a reliable Voice over IP (VoIP) service for a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone line. Your VoIP business line is also easy to use – add and delete phone lines instantly.

Wholesale Carriers

The quality of your long distance service can make or break your business. That’s why Moxtel Inc. offers VoIP long distance termination only through trusted tier-1 carriers. You won’t have to worry about reliability – plus, you’ll enjoy our competitive rates on Canada, US and international long distance termination.

Enabling Business Units

  • Technology
  • New Product Development
  • Customer Service

Support Business Units

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources

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